by Resonym

For: tabletop

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about Resonym

Based in Hanover, New Hampshire with an active presence in Brooklyn, New York, Resonym develops board games, card games, sports, urban games, and digital games, plus printed matter and ephemera. Resonym strives to bring new voices to games and media, and to be a gateway to new types of play.

Many of Resonym's games have been researched at Tiltfactor, the interdisciplinary innovation studio dedicated to designing and studying games for social impact, founded and led by Dr. Mary Flanagan.

Your mother, the Queen, has lived out her years and will soon pass on the crown. The time has come for you and your siblings to demonstrate your intelligence, compassion, bravery, and strength as leaders. Out perform your siblings to demonstrate your ingenuity and strength. Choose strategies that will bring prosperity to the land and glory to your court. Defend the realm from threats and famine. Only the player with the most majestic court will be named heir.