Mimpi Dreams

by Silicon Jelly

For: pc, mac, ios, android

  • Fairytale Level
  • Castle Level
  • Ocean Level
  • Forest Level
  • Electricity Level

about Silicon Jelly

Silicon Jelly is an indie gaming studio from Prague that aspires to create mobile games that bring out your inner child, spark your hidden adventurer and awaken your competitive spirit. We've been creating gaming experiences since 2011. With our six developers and designers, we have collaborated with Unity, creating awesome games that make your jaw drop. Our first game, Mimpi, was a global success that brought in a storm of positive reviews, opening the door for a sequel, "Mimpi Dreams". We also work on several games featuring the famous Little Mole cartoon character.

Mimpi is a lazy doggy who likes to sleep a lot. In his dreams he becomes the dog hero, who rescues and saves whoever is in need of rescuing or saving! Be it a lost pirate ship, a lab rat who wants to be free or a princess held by a dragon - Mimpi hero is here to save the day.