by Digital Dreams

For: pc, mac, linux, xboxone, playstation4

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about Digital Dreams

Digital Dreams is a Dutch indie game development company which designs and develops playful experiences. We like to experiment and do something we haven’t seen before, in every game we make. We try to reach the hard core as well as the casual game market by creating easier and less time consuming games, which possess powerful and emotionally rich interactive experiences none the less. We believe games play a big role in our future for storytelling trough meaningful interaction, and we hope to be able to share these dreams that we have with you.

Metrico+ is an input-driven game in a world of infographics. All the bar charts, line diagrams and pie charts react to what the player is doing. The player has to rethink all he/she knows in order to solve all the puzzles and explore every part of the world that is Metrico. Metrico+ features 6 unique worlds to explore with distinct challenges, mechanics, looks and sounds, and will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC / Mac (on Steam) in the 2nd quarter of 2016.