For: pc, mac


The Apple ][ game "64 Rooms: An Adventure in the Metareal World" came out in 1984. It was then what would now be called an abstract open world puzzler with philosophical overtones.

For 2016, we are rebooting it (see what I did there). An abstract, geometrical space where logic applies, but does not rule. A twisty maze of passages all alike. Not everything has a reason. In first and third person, in 3d, and in vivid colour. Not too many polygons though.

Keeping it old school, Metareal runs on its own custom graphics, physics, and sound engines.

Metareal is an abstract first person open world puzzler. It is loosely reinterpreted from an Apple II game of a similar name. As you move through the many rooms of a mysterious, logical, patterned space unfettered by gravity or orientation, you manipulate objects. You can touch them and move them and perhaps there will be an observable effect. The logic is lateral, sometimes indirect... and yet somehow knowable. How does it work? What is this space? What's behind the next door? Is there something you missed before? <i>What are you?</i>