Maximum Apocalypse

by Rock Manor Games

For: tabletop, card, physical

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about Rock Manor Games

Established in 1980-something, Rock Manor Games is a game development studio and board game publisher based in Wilmington, Delaware. The company isn’t really much of a company since it is made up of one sole game designer, Mike Gnade, but he’s a decent guy so humor him.

Maximum Apocalypse is a cooperative roguelike adventure game set amid the backdrop of 4 apocalyptic scenarios. As you explore the post-apocalyptic world, one to six survivors work together to complete mission objectives. On each turn, a player can use up to four actions to explore the map, play cards, equip weapons, scavenge for resources, draw cards or battle roaming monsters.

Picking a unique survivor class within the group, players must plan their strategy while leaning on their character’s strengths in order to defeat monsters and avoid starvation. For example, the Fireman is deadly up close with his ax; meanwhile the stealthy Hunter is great at scouting the map and avoiding traps — but roaming monsters are gathering quickly and time is running out.

Can you survive the apocalypse?