Magnetic By Nature

by Team Tripleslash

For: pc, mac, linux, ouya

  • Screen Shot - Collectible 1640x850
  • Screen Shot - Death 1640x850
  • Screen Shot - Freefall 1600x860
  • Screen Shot - Into the Trenches 1640x850
  • Screen Shot - Launch 1920x1080
  • Screen Shot - Leap Over Danger 1640x850
  • Screen Shot - Puzzle 1640x850
  • Screen Shot - Raining 1400x736
  • Screen Shot - Toughest Levels of All 1400x720
  • Screen Shot - Swing Over 1920x1080
  • Screen Shot - Underworld Run 1400x736

about Team Tripleslash

Tripleslash creates video games that are uniquely beautiful and full of life, exploring divergent ways of thinking, and leaving enduring memories. We strive to be aware of audiences who have been ignored and to design thoughtfully. We understand that involving our audience and maintaining a healthy, supportive work environment are essential to the creative process.