by Vilavi studio

For: ios, android

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about Vilavi studio

I’d like to introduce ViLaVi simply. We planed to make great game properly with a programer, a graphic designer, and a developer. So we rented a small office and have made indi-game since last July. The ‘ViLaVi’ is derived from Latin words ‘Viva La Vida’ meaning ‘long live life’.
The ViLaVi aims for making games with autonomy and passion as ‘VALVE’ does. I believe that the outcome could be better when I make the game which I feel really excited and joyful.
We want to make
-A game in story.
-A game with our own unique system.

Normally mystery game just has one criminal, and one route. However the Madness is little diffrent.
In Madness, murder can be changed by player’s evidences that player get. Each evidences based on criminal’s motive and background.
Player get to know why they murder and method of murder with evidences gradually in the Madness.
Each character has dark sides. Therefore it is one of Madness’s amusement to peek dark sides of person by knowing character’s background.