by Lohika

For: ios, android

  • Screenshot-01-TownCenter
  • Screenshot-02-Owl
  • Screenshot-03-Tracks
  • Screenshot-04-CraneScene
  • Screenshot-05-Crane
  • Screenshot-06-VW
  • Screenshot-07-TA

about Lohika

Lohika is a young game studio with talented individuals from Denmark, Germany, UK and Romania who are academically trained in game development, game design and computer science.
We focus on creating high quality content for intuitively accessible platforms and go beyond entertainment: with games that immerse, amaze, and challenge the mind.

Machineers is a construction puzzle game with quirky robots and wonderful machines, where the player can repair broken objects and build mechanical inventions by connecting gears and circuits.

You are Zola, a young robot who starts as an apprentice at Hayden’s repair shop in the midst of an amusement park. Help the town folks, repair their machines and get ready for your next challenge: Build yourself a vehicle and drive it to River City!
Show your grumpy boss that you have got what it takes to earn the title of "Machineer".