Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

by Asteroid Base

For: pc, mac, xboxone

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about Asteroid Base

Formed in Toronto, Canada, Asteroid Base is an indie game studio consisting of multitalented artists and developers who came together in the local game jam scene. The team is comprised of Matt Hammill (creator of the award-winning Gesundheit! on iOS), Jamie Tucker, and Adam Winkels. To date we have released one jam game, the 4-player ninja skydiving button masher Shuriken Skies, and are currently working on Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a frantic 1- or 2-player couch co-op action game in development for Xbox One and Steam (PC + Mac). Explore a colourful galaxy in a crazy neon spaceship that you control together by manning turrets, lasers, shields and thrusters. Only through teamwork can you triumph over evil robots, rescue kidnapped space bunnies, and avoid a vacuumy demise. Deep space is a dangerous place, but at least you don’t have to face it alone!