Lost Toys

by Barking Mouse Studio

For: ios, android

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about Barking Mouse Studio

Barking Mouse Studio is Danielle Swank and Jim Fleming. Lost Toys is the first game that they’ve spent more than a weekend working on. It’s the result of months of intense discussions and hand gestures (Danielle acted out the opening scene by pretending she was an airplane and zooming around their apartment). Programming and design are done by both of them, since Danielle is an artist that took math classes for fun and Jim is an engineer that makes art.

Lost Toys is an 3d puzzle game for introverts. It has a diverse set of influences from Rene Magritte’s The Treachery of Images, to modern games such as Cogs and Zen Bound, to Danielle’s experiences as a volunteer firefighter, to our backgrounds as both artists and programmers. Set in a surreal game world with a restricted viewpoint, players can examine and effect the objects around themselves. It’s a game we wished was already out in the world, but since it wasn’t we decided to make it.