Long Story

by Bloom Digital Media

For: ios, android

about Bloom Digital Media

Bloom Digital Media is a full service digital agency with a focus on games for health, health promotion, youth development and playful learning. Based on a strong background in strategy, design and youth development we know how to communicate with young stakeholders to create the products and experiences they want and need.

Bloom believes that gaming is an unprecedented opportunity for designers to offer interactive experiences that help people develop a healthy sense of curiosity and compassion for their mental states and personal growth. A game can be a journey, quest, story, or even a mystery: All are fantastic metaphors for the process of growth and change that result in a more resilient and healthy state of mind.

Fashion is great but life is way more complicated. Unlike fashion-focused or achievement-oriented dating sims that scratch the surface of love & romance, LongStory is a dating sim that digs deeper into what it takes to have healthy relationships. The episodic, LGBTQ+ friendly app lets players take an active role in creating a healthy in-game relationship in the hopes of inspiring them to have better relationships IRL. Players choose their gender as well as who, or even if, they would like to date any of the 5 dateable characters.

LongStory puts players in control; asking their crush on a date, or standing up to bullies. There's also lots of opportunity to make mistakes (just like real life!), by choosing to lie, or amping up the tension. LongStory tackles realistic issues like social anxiety, gender identity, crushes, boundaries and consent. LongStory's current episodes are available on IOS and Android. A total of seven episodes will be released before August 2016.