Lifeless Moon

by Stage 2 Studios

For: pc, mac, linux

  • LifelessMoon-Shadow
  • LifelessMoon-Ring1
  • LifelessMoon-Town1
  • LifelessMoon-SummitLake1
  • LifelessMoon-Surface1

about Stage 2 Studios

Stage 2 Studios of Seattle creates innovative apps and games for science education. We carry this passion for science education into video games like Lifeless Planet and Lifeless Moon, integrating science content in the context of entertaining interactive experiences. Our sister company in Colorado specializes in film and video for nonprofits and education.

During an expedition to the Moon, two astronauts find themselves in a familiar town back on Earth. They soon discover the town is the beginning of a strange and mysterious journey...

Lifeless Moon is the spiritual successor to our previous title Lifeless Planet (Steam/XB1/PS4). Featuring support for VR, Lifeless Moon takes players on a fantastic journey through the eyes of Apollo-era astronauts. There will be light platforming and a deeper focus on puzzles than in Lifeless Planet. The core gameplay experience is one of exploration and discovery, complementing the mysterious and psychological themes of the story.