Legends of Eisenwald

by Aterdux Entertainment

For: pc

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about Aterdux Entertainment

Aterdux Entertainment is an independent game development company located in Minsk, Belarus. Whether it is an accident or not but all of us are fans of good computer role playing and strategy games.

First our team was assembled by 4 enthusiasts in 2002 to work on our first project – Discord Times. We self-published it in 2004 and then a new version of the game was re-released in collaboration with Alawar Entertainment in 2007.

During this long time our team stopped working on games. In the beginning of 2010 we got back together and started to work on a new project Legends of Eisenwald that is an evolution and rethinking of Discord Times. Legends of Eisenwald is on Steam Early Access now and the full release is soon.

Legends of Eisenwald is an old school RPG with elements of strategy and turn-based combat. Gather your troops and embark on a dangerous journey to carve your name into the legends of the grim lands of Eisenwald where all the supernatural superstitions of medieval times are found to be true.