Legends of Aria

by Citadel Studios

For: pc

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about Citadel Studios

Citadel Studios is dedicated to building next-generation sandbox games inspired by legends like Ultima, EVE Online, and Minecraft.

We believe in fostering rich communities and giving power to our players in an effort to make our worlds live and breathe. Not only will you be able to change your surroundings, but the very of the nature of the game changes with you.

The former leads of Ultima Online invite you to the next chapter in living MMORPG game worlds.

Legends of Aria is a vast sandbox world where players can craft, build and explore in a fully interactive and player driven environment. Throwing out modern concepts of quest grinding, level based progression and linear content, the inhabitants of Aria engage in emergent, social and dynamic content in defining their own unique roleplaying experience.

In addition to the official production shards, Legends of Aria gives players the tools to run their own fully customized shards and play by their rules.