by Ankama Canada

For: pc, mac, linux, ios, android

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about Ankama Canada

Ankama is an independent digital creation group focused on the entertainment industry. Ankama's development is based on a transmedia strategy; it creates detailed narrative universes which are further enriched by their portrayal in various media. Ankama is also focusing on online virtual worlds and relationships between players and games.

Ankama Canada is a small venture in Montreal, transfering Ankama's DNA into a new continent. The studio is now busy with KWAAN and helping Ankama with other development projects.

KWAAN is an online game about Nature, Myth and Play!

KWAAN has come! The end of the world is near! If KWAAN cries, he will drown the world in tears. Nobody wants that! So, get into your dancing shoes, get some pixels in your hands and take a leap of faith!

KWAAN is a land made of many different poetic systems, all interacting with each other to create a ever evolving context. Our intention is to make a living, thriving pixel world and place the player inside it, as a keeper of all things beautiful. KWAAN is a persistent cocoon, another dimension without violence, a world where players are working toward a common goal, ultimately blurring the boundaries between the intimate and the collective. Stories will come and go, mysteries will be sung, life will go on.

KWAAN is part RPG, part adventure game and part rogue-like. All online. KWAAN is the experience of another world, a tiny fragment of imagination adrift in virtuality. It is the song of every pixel, as they reach out for harmony.

Take these hands.

Close your eyes.