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Kitty Disastrous

by Rocket 5 Studios

For: pc, mac

  • Kitty Disastrous SS 1
  • Kitty Disastrous
  • Kitty Disastrous
  • Kitty Disastrous
  • Kitty Disastrous

about Rocket 5 Studios

Rocket 5 is an award winning game and app development studio founded by Catherine Feraday Miller (DreamWorks, LucasArts, Crystal Dynamics) and Tim Miller (LucasArts, Secret Level, Nihilistic Software). Located in Toronto, Rocket 5 is committed to making innovative and entertaining software that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Kitty Disastrous is a platforming adventure game about love, calamity and being a cat. When an accident prone ferret enters Kitty’s life, she’ll do anything to save him from trouble even if it means destroying an entire town.