Just Shapes & Beats

by Berzerk Studio

For: PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii U

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about Berzerk Studio

Just Shapes & Beats is being produced by three people from Berzerk Studio, a small Quebec City based studio that has been creating bloody, sweaty, macho games since 2008. If you like copious amounts of gratuitous violence, metal music and unabashed tongue-in-cheek humor, we'll get along just fine.

Lachhh is one of the studio's co-founder. Over the past 7 years, Berzerk has released over 25 games and built a fanbase of over 350k fans on Facebook. He is also the host of the Youtube show "Indie Your Face", a show to help fellow indie devs making games for a living.

Em is the eyes of the project, making everything shiny and colorful, well, purple colored mostly, but colorful nonetheless.

Mike is the word wizard and party pooper, and we're actually being nice about it; seriously he's kind of a jerk.

"Just Shapes & Beats" is a trippy couch co-op musical bullet-hell based on two simple things, there's going to be shapes, and some kick-ass beats, and you are going to die a lot. Wait, that's three things, just go back and edit the first part to "three simple things" in your head.

This is all the brainchild of Lachhh, of Indie your face and Berzerk Studio fame. It started out as a prototype for a 48h game jam in Quebec City, after many raving reviews from peers and concerned looks from passerbys he decided to get some more hands and eyes on the project to see how far they could take it.