Infectonator: Survivors

by Toge Productions

For: pc, mac

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about Toge Productions

Toge Productions is an independent game development studio based in Karawaci, Indonesia. Founded in 2009 as a Flash game development team, the studio now has expanded to PC and Mobile games as well. They are best known as the creators of the zombie apocalypse simulation game series, "Infectonator".

Imagine if Left 4 Dead, Syndicate and This War of Mine had a baby, the result would be Infectonator : Survivors!

At its core Infectonator: Survivors is a randomly generated squad-based survival simulation game. Your goal is to lead your group of survivors to safety. You must do everything you can to survive, such as : scavenge resources, build defenses, raid buildings, and much more. Every decision you make in this game matters because death is permanent and every play is randomly generated.

Currently in available in Steam Early Access