by Flippfly

For: pc, mac

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about Flippfly

Flippfly is a tiny studio started by two brothers who quit their jobs to create indie games full-time. We are committed to making games that are:

NEW: Every game we make will be a unique experience.
FUN: We will make games people love to play.
HONEST: None of our games will trick or goad you into spending money.
CLEAN: We won’t use extreme violence, smut, or offensive language in our games.

Hexarden will transport you to a serene, magical world, and invite you to immerse yourself in its enchanting environment while you explore and master the depth of its rules. Hexarden employs themes of growth and passage of time, in a unique experience that's part adventure, part puzzle, and part mystery. You will combine and grow magical flowers in the game's hexagonal play spaces, and use the resources gained in those boards to unlock a progressively deeper narrative in the game's meta-garden.