Heaven Will Be Mine

by Pillow Fight

For: pc, mac, linux

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about Pillow Fight

Pillow Fight was founded after our team developed Aevee Bee and Mia Schwartz's WE KNOW THE DEVIL, so we could continue making games with kissing and crying. We develop and publish high-quality visual novels with a focus on diversity, accessibility, and fair pay for the creative teams that bring you quality kissing and crying entertainment.

Heaven Will Be Mine is a new Visual Novel about joyriding giant robots, kissing your enemies, and fighting gravity’s pull, from the creators of the queer cult horror game We Know The Devil. Follow three mecha pilots in the last days of an alternate 1980s space program as they fight for humanity’s future—or ditch their jobs to make out with each other instead. Experience the story from the perspective of three pilots bound by fate and gravity: veteran ace Luna-Terra, overwhelming super-psychic Pluto, and hacker-hijacker Saturn as they fight across three different factions over the course of an eight day war. Your choices determine the dynamics of the three's relationships with each other, their entangled past, and which faction’s ultimate plan for humanity’s fate in space and beyond will be realized. Win for idealism or lose for love, and grasp heaven in your hands.