GoD Factory: Wingmen

by Nine Dots Studio

For: pc, mac, linux

  • FireAttack
  • HangarAr
  • Cockpit 1
  • ChorionBurst
  • Cockpit2
  • Cockpit 3

about Nine Dots Studio

Nine Dots aims at developing games that will drive the industry forward. To achieve this, we treat developers like human beings and video games like art rather than toys.

GoD Factory: Wingmen from Nine Dots Studio is a ferocious team-based space combat simulator heading to PC, Mac and Linux. Players launch into fast-paced and highly tactical 4 vs 4 matches with the aim of destroying the enemy's vast Carrier under a relentless barrage of enemy fire. Completing matches lets players earn credits with which they can buy increasingly powerful and exotic parts to enhance their gunships and ultimately seize the upper hand in battle.