by Milkbag Games

For: pc, mac, playstation4

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about Milkbag Games

Milkbag Games is Matt Rix ("Trainyard") and Owen Goss ("Finger Tied"), two Canadian game designers and developers, working together to make great games. Milkbag created the hit iOS and Android game "Disco Zoo", which launched in February, 2014. They also created the critically acclaimed, social commentary PC/Mac jam game, "Photobomb", in November, 2014 for 7DFPS.

FutureGrind is a futuristic stunt-platformer all about skill, tricks, and speed. It's a bit like Uniracers meets OlliOlli. The game is played on a track made of rails that run through a 3D environment. Build huge trick chain combos for big points in this challenging, fast-paced game coming in 2016!