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Fort Triumph

by Fort Triumph

For: pc, xboxone, playstation4

  • Dungeon - Lightning 2
  • Forest - Rally
  • 2nd_extension_2
  • Dungeon - Reaper
  • spider caves concept
  • Spiders cave - Poison 2
  • image1
  • Village - Fire 1

about Fort Triumph

We're a small self funded indie team who love the Strategy/Tactics genre and the incredible additions we've seen in recent years, specifically XCOM. We loved it so much that we dreamed of making a game with similar mechanics in a fantasy setting, and additions and twists of our own. So we started coding the game as a fun after work project, and it slowly grew to where it is today.

Fort Triumph is like fantasy XCOM with dynamic environments. Fort Triumph focuses on smart tactical gameplay with a lot of options - use cover, destroy cover, push enemies off cliffs, topple pillars, burn forests, freeze rivers and more.