FORCED 2: The Rush

by BetaDwarf

For: pc

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about BetaDwarf

BetaDwarf was formed by a small group of people, who moved into a classroom at a university in Denmark. It took the University 7 months before they realised that 8 guys actually lived in one of their classrooms. So BetaDwarf was thrown out. They then decided to move in together in a big house, where they made a successful kickstarter and are now on their 3rd year of development on FORCED.

Events Showcased

Welcome to the Rush! - the famous Rogue-like Championships! Choose your champion, enter the ever-changing death course, compete for survival and claim overwild rewards! The rules are simple, a match is over when half of the competitors have been utterly SLAIN! - by the trained creatures and traps awaiting!
Will you survive The Rush!?