FORCED 2: The Rush

by BetaDwarf

For: pc

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  • F2Screen_SunkenTemple_1
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about BetaDwarf

BetaDwarf was formed by a small group of people, who moved into a classroom at a university in Denmark. It took the University 7 months before they realised that 8 guys actually lived in one of their classrooms. So BetaDwarf was thrown out. They then decided to move in together in a big house, had a successful kickstarter and published FORCED on Steam late 2013 to great success. They are now working on the follow-up, FORCED 2: The Rush, a roguelike evolution with a deckbuilding twist.

Welcome to The Rush! - a world of Rogue-like Boss Fights! Choose your champion, enter the ever-changing death course, fend off hordes of minions and the looming threat of the Boss, to claim ridiculously awesome rewards! Collect cards and build your ultimate deck to aid your champion in the attempt to SLAY all the bosses!

Will you be the one to survive The Rush?