Fitz the Fox

by Bread Vision Studios

For: pc

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about Bread Vision Studios

Bread Vision Studios is the brain-child of Evan Spiker and Justin Knight. We started Bread Vision Studios so we can make the kind of games that we like to play as well as make software and other services better than we ever could apart. While we do make the occasional piece software utility, our main focus is on video games of all kinds.

Currently we are a two man team with no investors or publishers to control us, this allows us to have total freedom with what we can do. We fund and publish all of our work ourselves allowing us to focus of the quality of the product, we can give anything as much polish and attention as we want. Also we take special care to listen to our users so we don’t alienate our user base. Getting user opinions, answering their questions and concerns, keeping them in the loop are all very important to us especially as we grow.

We also hope to grow as a publisher so that we may one day help other startup game companies get their software off the ground. With increasing security measures and restrictions, it is getting harder and harder to get your software out there. All major publishers almost never want to work with small developers and small publishers are always very unfair with their terms, we hope to help the smaller studios get their games out there without being evil like the average publisher.

Play as Fitz the Fox in this simplistic, retro style platformer. Help him through twelve levels across four different worlds to save his girlfriend from the hunter Willie. Designed to resemble a game for the original GameBoy with simple game play, pixelated graphics, and a 4-colour colour pallet. Even the resolution of the game is that of the GameBoy to make it feel just that much more like a retro platformer.

Awesome Soundtrack by Zombie Pixel
Full XBox 360 controller support
Moving side-to-side
Has more than three colours!
And so much more!!1!