Fistful of Gun

by Farmergnome

For: pc

  • wagon
  • trainride
  • pabloexplode
  • mexicans
  • horseride
  • gettingdrunk
  • clansmen
  • boom
  • 13th

about Farmergnome

I am a 1 man indie band called Farmergnome, but my friends call me Paul. I sometimes make video games.

Fistful of Gun is a co-op retro booze & shoot em up game set in the wild west.

Each character of the 11 available has a unique control scheme available to a specific device (mouse, keyboard or joypad) to allow you to control them in a unique way, battle your way through bandit gangs, across the Mexican Boarder, through Indian sacred land, fist fight with bears and shoot your friends, with different modes ranging from a quick arcade romp, to a story heavy quest mode, playable with up to 8 other friends in online or local multi-player.