The Fall Part 2: Unbound

by Over The Moon

For: pc, mac, linux, xboxone, playstation4, wiiu

  • Network_ARIDBeginsHerExploration
  • Butler_BringsTheMasterHisTea
  • Soldier_LookingAtManyLookingAtHim
  • Companion_ChatsWithAPatron
  • Butler_WakesUpAndStartsTheCycle
  • Soldier_WorriesAboutTheMany
  • Companion_TakesHerElevatorToAnAssignment

about Over The Moon

Over The Moon was founded in 2013, in order to:

• Create games with rich, compelling worlds and thick atmosphere.
• Blend gameplay and narrative, to push our understanding of video games as a medium.
• Craft compelling stories that communicate interesting ideas.

This was made possible when, in October of 2013, industry veteran John Warner completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for Over The Moon’s first game, The Fall, which reached 224% of its funding goal. The Fall is currently scheduled to be released on Steam, on May 30th, 2014.

The Fall series combines Metroidvania-style exploration and combat with point and click adventure-style puzzles to create a fresh experience that fans of both genres will love. Players control ARID, an AI on-board a futuristic combat suit. In the original game, ARID was lost on an alien planet and struggled to save the life of the severely injured human occupant of the suit. After the unhinging events of part 1, ARID’s very existence is threatened when she is ejected from her body and projected onto a vast global network. In a desperate attempt to save herself, ARID invades and attempts to control several other robots she finds there, each with wildly different personalities and gameplay styles. Will ARID successfully enlist their help before it’s too late? One thing’s for certain – the process will change her.