by Siege Sloth Games

For: pc, mac, linux

  • Tree1
  • Tree3
  • DinoScreenshot
  • Human's discover fire
  • Tree2
  • Ice Age Mammoth
  • Underwater
  • Tree4
  • AmphibianScreenshot2

about Siege Sloth Games

Siege Sloth Games was formed in 2013 by a group of five AIE graduates from Canberra, Australia. Over the previous years we'd worked together on several game jams and student projects and found that we held a shared passion for innovation in games. We began work on Evergreen in May 2014.

As a company our goal is to establish and explore new gaming niches while creating engaging and emotionally evocative games.

Evergreen is a zen, single player game where you control the growth of a mythical tree with the goal of guiding and nurturing life throughout the history of Earth.

It's a creative and relaxing experience where you'll grow and personalize your tree and its environment while shaping the Earth's history though subtle interactions with the world.