by Team Emergence

For: tabletop

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about Team Emergence

Team Emergence was founded by a group of friends that shared a love of board games, and set out on an endeavor to create a game we could all have fun with together. We always enjoyed playing most board games, however, choosing one to play was always difficult, as we had differing opinions on what made a game fun. We began working on Emergence to try to create a unique experience that incorporated what we thought were the most exciting aspects of board game design. We also have some more exciting games in the works!

In Emergence, players act as Operatives for either the Artificial Intelligence security forces or the Human rebels.

Since the Humans are in the minority, they know who their fellow teammates are and employ deception and persuasion to hide their true identities. On the other hand, the A.I. players use their deduction skills to identify their fellow teammates and to root out the Humans. However, knowing is simply not enough, you must still accomplish your objective. Trust no one.