Drunken Robot Pornography

by Dejobaan Games

For: pc

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about Dejobaan Games

Dejobaan Games, LLC is an indie video game developer that hangs around Boston, MA. Since we founded in 1999, we’ve published fourteen titles, garnering enthusiastic reviews in print, on the Web, and on the tele-vision.

THE STORY: You're Reuben Matsumoto, and you @#%*'ed up. You gave your robot bartender, Tim, sentience, and now he's raised an army to destroy the city of Boston Sky. His lieutenants are what he calls his 12 Centerfolds -- your former robot bar workers. We tell the story over the game's 52 levels and Tim's angry voicemails.

WEEKLY COMPETITIONS: The Drunken Robot Battle Royale offers up a fresh challenge every Friday at 3PM EST. Players compete on a leaderboard and share strategies for besting the challenge in the Steam forums. The weekly Drunken Robot Battle Royale Show on Thursdays at 5pm ET showcases the latest level and recaps the previous week.

YOUR OWN GIANT ROBOTS: The Giant Robot Construction Kit lets you build both bosses and their arenas, and Steam Workshop integration lets you share. There are currently over 650+ bits of user-generated content, including Y-4-NG_DR-4-G-0-N, The Trilobyte, and N-0.R-3.