Divorce! The Game

by anyo

For: tabletop, card

about anyo

anyo is a little indie game studio from New York, started by Andrew Yoon--former EIC of Shacknews and editor of Joystiq. We strive to deliver surprising experiences meant for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Divorce! The Game is a light-hearted, viciously competitive two-player card game about dividing your assets--no matter what the cost. It takes all the fun of getting divorced and turns it into an easy-to-play 20-minute game. The deck represents your marital assets, and players take turns drawing two cards, keeping one for themselves and giving the other to their "ex." This simple mechanic mimics a zanier version of divorce mediation and leads to some tense decisions. Do you take an item that you want? -- or do you prevent your ex from getting something they cherish? As you fight for your house and your kids, you'll have to play dirty: use lawyers to repossess items, hide assets offshore, plant incriminating evidence on your opponent, or buy bribes to get the edge.