Dimension Drive

by 2Awesome Studio

For: pc, mac, linux

  • dimensiondrive_00011
  • dimensiondrive_00006
  • 2-2-Cutscene-MuniseSertel
  • dimension_drive_screenshot_2player_1
  • dimensiondrive_00009
  • dimensiondrive_00012
  • dimensiondrive_00005
  • Intro_scene_with_dd_logo
  • 1-2-Cutscene-lr

about 2Awesome Studio

2Awesome Studio is a Dutch independent game development studio composed of David Jimenez and Alejandro Santiago. Founded on 2014, aims at adding awesomeness to reality by developing video games with new and addictive mechanics. Imagine taking the arcade and console games you loved from your childhood and bring them to the present in crazy new ways. That’s what we do!
David and Alejandro worked at the space sector (European Space Agency) now they develop the games the aliens told them to do at 2Awesome Studio. It was either that or they blow up the earth (we are actually heroes)!