by Mark Mayers

For: pc

  • Desolus Title Screen
  • 03_16_2016_Void
  • 03_17_2016_Anti_2
  • 11_09_2015trees2
  • 02_23_2016_forest2
  • 11_15_2015b
  • 11_26_2015_surrealismjpg

about Mark Mayers

Mark Mayers is a solo game developer based in Boston, currently working on Desolus; a first person puzzle game where you control a black hole.
Mark's background as a computer scientist is combined with an interest in procedural art to create the unique visuals for his games.

In early 2015, Mark partnered with Kyle Landry to create the soundtrack for Desolus.
Kyle is renowned for his virtuosity as a pianist, and hosts a popular YouTube channel covering various forms of music.

Desolus is a first person puzzle game for PC and Oculus Rift where you control a black hole to absorb energy from stars.

In Desolus, you explore dreamlike landscapes and power mysterious technology with solar energy.
Throughout the game you unravel the secrets behind the Desolus, an enigmatic entity of unknown origin.

Reminiscent of a cross between Metroid Prime and Portal, Desolus is an interesting mixture of the exploration and puzzle genres.