Delver’s Drop

by Pixelscopic

For: pc, mac, linux, ios, android, ouya

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about Pixelscopic

Pixelscopic [ pik sel skap ik ] is an indie game studio located in Springfield, MO. We are driven by a shared passion for developing contemporary games with polished visuals and design. Our games are constructed through intimate community interaction, resulting in solid and enjoyable gameplay. Drawing from the combined experience of over 30 shipped titles, Pixelscopic crafts experiences that take root in the imaginations of our community and fans.

Delver's Drop is an evolution of the 2D Action RPG with fluid movement, snappy combat, shifting dungeons, and a rogue's gallery of character classes that can be individually leveled. With an emphasis on mystery and dynamic gameplay experiences, the game features randomization for infinite replay, enigmatic puzzle permutations to unravel, multiple narrative paths, customizable character growth, and layers of secrets to unearth.