Deliver Us The Moon

by KeokeN Interactive

For: pc, xboxone

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about KeokeN Interactive

KeokeN Interactive is a young Dutch Indie game development company which was founded by Koen Deetman, Paul Deetman and Johan Terink in 2013.
The firm was born out of the passion for developing great and engaging 3D game experiences. Since the 1980’s, the video game industry has been able to capture our imaginations. The unique elements of the gaming industry show that the possibilities seem to be truly endless and that the limitations are only bound by one’s own creativity. Our principles and unique market approach have created a unique indie developer.

At KeokeN Interactive we feel that we are in the experience creation industry rather than just the game development industry. This core principle has given us the ability to attract highly talented individuals who think alike varying from IT and business backgrounds alike. We aim to develop rich and playful game experiences because we believe that gaming is more than just simply playing a game. We hope that together we will be able to realize our dream of “Delivering the Moon” to all the gamers worldwide.

Deliver Us The Moon is set in the near future where the earth's resources are nearly depleted. The nations of the world have come together to create the Worldwide Space Agency (WSA). Under the banner of the WSA, astronauts were sent to the moon to conduct research aimed at securing the future of mankind. Sadly, due to bickering between countries, no solution has been agreed upon. Now, with man's absolute last resources, you, a brave astronaut gone rogue, take the great step to the moon in a do-or-die secret mission to save humanity.

During your adventure your only companion will be a small robot named ASE, the all seeing eye. Together, you will traverse the moon, explore abandoned facilities and perhaps even uncover some secrets and hidden agendas with the information you gather. Only by working together will you be able to stand a chance in succeeding on delivering the moon!