by Workinman Interactive

For: pc, mac

  • deathstate_seeker_library
  • deathstate_seeker_gianttreasure
  • deathstate_inventory_organs
  • deathstate_starcreep_mazeofix
  • deathstate_dying_osseinswamp
  • deathstate_inventory_organs
  • deathstate_mummy_osseinswamp
  • deathstate_lich_fortressofkoth
  • deathstate_scientist_fortressofkoth

about Workinman Interactive

Workinman is a web and mobile game company in Rochester, NY. Founded by Jason Arena in 2006, we’ve built a solid business creating games for clients and are now also making our own. Deathstate is our first major independent release.

Deathstate is a roguelike, bullet hell, single stick shooter set in a bizarre world of dimensional exploration for pc and mac. You play as a number of unique characters trying to discover the fate of Professor Elinberg who opened a portal to the void. Great and terrible mysteries and even greater treasures await if you are bold or foolhardy enough to go beyond the beyond.

In Deathstate, you are a traveller of the outer realms. You have discovered the secrets of deep astral projection by entering into a fully death-like meditative state. While in your Deathstate, you can go beyond the beyond to realms previously only imagined by those enlightened or mad enough to dwell upon them. Tread lightly though, for these far planes of demi-existence that you choose to explore are extremely hostile to mortal souls.