Curse of the Assassin

by Tin Man Games

For: pc, mac, linux, ios, android

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about Tin Man Games

Tin Man Games is an independent games developer from Down Under! We are best known for our interactive digital gamebook series, Gamebook Adventures, available on iOS, Android and Desktop platforms. Our digital gamebooks are a cross between the chooseable pathway books from the 80s and tabletop RPGs. Each gamebook is a self-contained solo adventure game, where the player chooses the path of the narrative whilst using realistic 3D physics-based dice systems to combat monsters and make various skill rolls.

Using our Gamebook Adventures Engine, we have successfully licensed a number of old 80s gamebooks and comic-book characters including the Fighting Fantasy series, Judge Dredd, Grailquest, Way of the Tiger, Golden Dragon and Freeway Warrior. We also work with modern interactive fiction creators and in 2013 released Trial of the Clone, written by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal's, Zach Weinersmith, which was also narrated by the God of Geeks himself, Wil Wheaton! We have many more exciting new digital gamebook and interactive fiction projects coming in 2014 and 2015.

The sequel to Tin Man Games' debut title, An Assassin in Orlandes, has arrived! You’ve risen through society after dealing with Eltane and saving the city, capturing the affections of the Duke’s daughter along the way. The mysterious death of a friend arouses your suspicions and once again you find yourself at the heart of conspiracy that takes you back to your home village and a meeting with your old adventuring party from your youth. Solo tabletop RPG-style adventuring in this interactive digital gamebook - choose your path, roll your fate!