Cosmo’s Quickstop

by Big Sir Games

For: PC, Mac

  • AbracaFabulous
  • AceOfSpace
  • Asteroids
  • Carwash
  • Coffee
  • Cosmometics
  • Cutscene1
  • Directions
  • Electroshock
  • Glorp
  • Multiplayer1
  • Multiplayer2
  • PlanningStation
  • Refill
  • Squeeb

about Big Sir Games

Big Sir Games is a Chicago-based studio created by 3 artists. We strive to make goofy games that make people laugh, with a focus on 3D art.

Cosmo’s Quickstop is a goofy, fast-paced, 3D-animated, time management game where players manage a bustling truck space! Play as Morvin, the harried manager of Route 66 Million’s most popular pit stop. Keep the vending machines stocked, the glorp rooms clean, the hot coffee showers running and your alien customers will happily hand over Space Cash for your goods and services. But fall behind and things can get messy -- fast!