by Interdimensional Games Inc

For: pc

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about Interdimensional Games Inc

Interdimensional Games Inc (iDGi) is a collection of highly creative and driven individuals dedicated to advancing the art form of interactive storytelling through the creation of immersive 3D gaming experiences with a moral compass.

CONSORTIUM, the first in a planned trilogy, is at its heart a first-person, science fiction adventure. You will find yourself as Consortium officer Bishop Six on December 21, 2042. Taking place entirely aboard Consortium command vessel, Zenlil; one of five enormous airships capable of policing the planet through the leadership of a powerful A.I. – the King. Speak for the Bishop as you unravel an onboard mystery and attempt to discover a murderer, or fight for him as Zenlil is attacked by murderous mercenaries’ hell bent on killing YOU. Events change based on your input, and no two play-throughs are ever the same... welcome to the Consortium.