by Discord Games, Inc.

For: pc, mac, linux, playstation4

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about Discord Games, Inc.

Discord Games, Inc. is a small game studio founded by James Petruzzi and TIm Dodd in 2011. Our goal is to create exciting new experiences that combine modern game design with classic 2D gameplay. We released our multiplayer 2D shooter "Take Arms" on XBLIG in 2011, and our (formerly unreleased) action-puzzler "48 Chambers" on PC and XBLIG in early 2012. Development of our procedurally-generated Platform Adventure "Chasm" began in late 2012. In May 2013, Chasm was successfully funded on Kickstarter and we began working on it full-time.

When a remote mining town sends for help, a young soldier named Daltyn answers the call. Upon arriving, he finds the town deserted and must descend into the mines to investigate the mystery.

Chasm features beautiful authentic pixel art, challenging platforming and combat, and a unique world that’s procedurally-assembled from hand-crafted rooms for infinite exploration and replayability. Immerse yourself in this fantasy world full of treasure, spells, deadly enemies, and abundant secrets when it hits PlayStation®4 and Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux) in 2016!