by Stellar Jockeys

For: pc, mac, linux

  • pax2015_minibooth_brigador01
  • pax2015_minibooth_brigador02
  • pax2015_minibooth_brigador03
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about Stellar Jockeys

The Stellar Jockeys are a 4-man team founded in the summer of 2011, based out of Champaign, IL. Brigador is our first game, an isometric mech action game currently available on Early Access. The finished game is set for release at the end of Q2 2016.

Brigador is a single player isometric mech action game. Choose the right vehicle and weapon loadout to suit your play style, and face off against three warring factions for control of Solo Nobre. The levels are fully destructible. Finish runs successfully to bank cash to buy more pilots, vehicles, and weapons.