by Game Oven

For: ios, android

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about Game Oven

Game Oven makes games that make you sweat, previously Fingle, Bam fu, Friendstrap. Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, they are four people from different disciplines that love making games that are different from the bunch.

Bounden is the first 2-player dance game for mobile. It's like a mix of Twister and ballet. You and a friend both hold on to the same phone and move synchronously to dance together. Bounden will feature dances by four choreographers from the Dutch National Ballet and each dance is accompanied by classical music specifically composed for the game. The way the game guides you to dance is through markers on a ball. You look down at a ball like a satellite would look down at Earth. By moving the phone, you bring the center of the screen to the markers. And that's how you find the two of you dancing. Bounden will release in May 2014.