Boot Hill Heroes 2

by Experimental Gamer Studios

For: pc, ios, xbox360, playstation4, vita

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about Experimental Gamer Studios

Experimental Gamer Studios believes that video games have the power to make us feel, think and experience things in ways only possible through interactive media. Our goal is to explore these possibilities by creating games that deliver unique experiences to gamers. We mainly focus on story-focused games, including RPGs. Our flagship series is Boot Hill Heroes, a Wild West RPG series.

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Boot Hill Heroes 2 continues the saga of the Boot Hill Heroes as they must track down the notorious members of the Saints-Little Gang and save Bronco County. This time, Kid, Doc, Moon and Rosy must dig deeper into the darker places of the Wild West as they come face to face with the evil Creed Little, Stampede Sally, Tuco Delgado, Scorpion Saint and Burning Crow – as well as overcome their own troubled pasts as new revelations threaten to divide them.

This second journey takes a look at the cruel histories of the legendary villains of the Saints-Little Gang and how the West forged them into the heinous outlaws they became. Not only must our heroes defeat these desperados, they must also confront difficult decisions about order and chaos, truth and corruption, and selflessness and survival.

Boot Hill Heroes 2 features the same fast-paced, real-time combat and four player co-op as the original game, as well as new features and improvements that will make an even better RPG experience. A new ‘hat’ and ‘vantage’ system gives the player more variety in gameplay. New combat elements add more strategy and depth to battle. Improved graphics give the Wild West a grittier, more detailed environment. A new decision-making system allows players to build Kid’s developing character as they choose. And new music tracks composed by Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman (Shovel Knight) will be added to make the game a truly memorable experience.