by Plethora Project

For: pc, mac

  • block'hood creation 03 in summer
  • block'hood creation 05 in summer
  • Landscape creation in fall
  • block'hood creation 02 in spring
  • block'hood in rain
  • Low Rise Establishment in summer
  • Small block'hood creation in summer
  • block'hood creation 04 in fall
  • block'hood creation 01 in summer
  • block'hood creation 01 in fall
  • block'hood creation 02 close-up
  • block'hood creation 03 at night
  • Nigh fall in block'hood 05 at night
  • block'hood creation 07 at night
  • Data-Decay mode
  • Data-Structure mode
  • Tutorial mode

about Plethora Project

Initiated and directed by Jose Sanchez - an architect / indie game developer based in Los Angeles - Plethora Project is a research & practice studio which studies 'play' as a genesis for design.
The practice is currently studying the relation between architecture, video games and generative design.

Block’hood - a neighborhood-building sandbox game - presents a bird's eye view of the world we live, celebrating the diversity and constant flux of resources created from web of relationships. It does so by offering players 90+ building blocks to combine and create unique neighborhoods, and discover the hidden inhabitants of each combination.

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