by Wildgrass

For: pc, mac, linux

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about Wildgrass

Wildgrass began working together as students at the AIE in Canberra through a bunch of game jams in 2012. In 2013 we grouped up and formed a company through the school's post graduate Incubator program which provided us with office space and travel scholarships to PAX Prime where we displayed the Bearzerkers prototype 'Pandamonium' off for the first time. Work began on the game proper when we got back in September.

After leaving the Incubator Program in early 2014, Wildgrass are now co-renting a shared space nearby the AIE, with fellow Incubator company Cardboard Keep. The four developers at Wildgrass are putting everything into Bearzerkers to get it finished for the PC by the end of this year. We still don't really know what we're doing, but we're all figuring out a bunch on the way.

We strive to create a wide variety of compact experiences that are filled with memorable moments and respect for the players time.

BEARZERKERS is a unique take on the local multiplayer genre, with a focus on indirect combat. The goal of the primary mode is to be the last Critter left with the Bear through manipulating the environment around players to their doom. Trap other players with your rock walls and use your powerups at just the right moment on your way to killing the hell out of everyone. Think of it as part Tron Light Cycles, part Nintendo Land and all chaotic multiplayer nonsense.