Coming to Atlanta, GA

July 15th - Click Here For Info!


by Ronimo Games

For: pc, mac, linux, xbox360, playstation3, playstation4

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about Ronimo Games

Ronimo Games creates downloadable entertainment games for various platforms. We founded the studio in 2007 (back then there were only seven of us). We released our first commercial game, Swords & Soldiers, in May 2009 worldwide on WiiWare and later on Playstation Network, PC, Mac, iPad, iOS and Android, and saw an incredible response from media and gamers from around the globe. In 2012, we launched Awesomenauts on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, and Playstation Network. We've been creating more and more content for Awesomenauts ever since, and the game has grown to support a solid community that is still growing!

We launched a sequel to our debut-title, Swords & Soldiers II, as a Wii U exclusive in May 2015. Since then, we have dedicated all our development resources to helping Awesomenauts grow, become more awesome, and take over the world!

Awesomenauts is a MOBA and an accessible 3-on-3 action platformer. Head out to the online battlefields together with your friends as an online party or in local splitscreen, and never worry about having to wait for an online match because of drop-in matchmaking!