At Sundown

by Mild Beast Games

For: pc, mac, xboxone, playstation4

  • Rail shooter
  • Weapon selection
  • 2
  • 4 - Copy

about Mild Beast Games

Mild Beast Games is a studio that was founded by a couple of USC college students in Los Angeles. The studio was founded after the success of 'Sundown', a video game demo created specifically to enter a competition called Dare to be Digital. This 'demo' then went on to win the BAFTA Games 2016 "Ones to Watch" Award and the Microsoft US Imagine Cup 2016 Games Winner award. Now, working with indie developer Versus Evil, Mild Beast Games are working hard on preparing their game At Sundown for commercial release.

At Sundown is a top down arena shooter with a unique twist - darkness is your friend and light is your enemy! Unique dark/light mechanic offers element of surprise at every turn as up to 4 players compete to stay alive. Training missions and weapon challenges help break in rookies as they hone their skills before jumping into 7 different types of deathmatch game modes which can be played locally or online. Leaderboards determine who the most skilled combatants are as they meet face to face and try to survive At Sundown!