by Ogre Head Studio

For: pc, mac, linux

  • Asura1
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  • Asura2
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  • Asura3
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  • Asura4

about Ogre Head Studio

Ogre Head Studio is a two man indie game company based in Hyderabad, India where we develop games all about Hack, Slash & Everything Epic!

Burnt to ashes by the holy men of the Daeva empire, You are reincarnated as Asura, a demon spawn with insane powers. Time has come to cast your vengeance and avenge your death. Time has come for the rise of the demon king!

Asura is an action rogue-like game with procedurally generated skill inspired from Ancient India.

You take on the role of a demon incarnate known as Asura and infilterate the fortress of the Daeva empire. Unlock powerful skills at your disposal and equip mighty items to obliterate your formidable foes in the randomly generated fortress. Be wary! if you fall in the battle then you will need to commence your journey all over again!

Asura is developed by Ogre Head Studio, an Independent Game company by Neeraj and Zain based in Hyderabad, India. We are two person team who develop games all about hack, slash & everything epic. With our games, We aspire to bring a much needed change in the Indian Games Industry!