by Psychotronic Studios

For: tabletop, card, physical

An advanced board game for 4-8 players set in late 1940s America on the cusp of nuclear war. WWII has just ended, but any celebration to be had is cut short by news of bombs falling worldwide, with more on their way. With little time left, a ragtag group of survivors must gather as many supplies as possible before locking themselves in a bunker for twelve months. Between lack of food and water, quickly dropping oxygen levels, and their own sanity slipping away, players must fight to survive as the threat of fallout exposure looms around every corner.

Players have the opportunity to roleplay as their characters, dealing with interpersonal relationships within the bunker as they wait for the timer to tick down and free them. Each character has their own unique set of skills to bring to the table, and players must decide how to best use them to ensure the survival of the group.