apartment: a separated place

by The Elsewhere Company

For: pc, mac, linux

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about The Elsewhere Company

The Elsewhere Company is a two-person independent team that makes interactive experiences focusing on storytelling and empathy. a•part•ment: a separated place is their first title created in partnership with a group of talented friends.

Nick Connor just got dumped by Madison, his girlfriend of four years. Enter his life in the wake of their breakup and explore his memories of their relationship.

a•part•ment is an intimate look at Nick's state of mind as he picks through the wreckage of his relationship with Madison. Join him as he seeks self-consolation in the apartment they once shared. Venture outside to visit his neighbors: a displaced loner, a lost daughter, a grieving widow, an uncertain newlywed. Enter their apartments — their lives, their relationships, their innermost thoughts — as they seek their own resolutions.